Frozen Gems Slots

Frozen Gems is a chilly slot with falling snow and loads of ice everywhere you look. The slot puts you in a cold cave and makes you feel freezing just looking at it. This game has basic symbols that don't stand out, but it has powerful features that do. Learn why the features of this game make it worthwhile and what you can expect when you play this cold slot.

243 or More Payways and Basic Wager Values

We'll start by explaining one of the best features of this sparkly cold slot game. The pay ways. You have 243 ways to win per spin by default, but this can quickly change thanks to a splitting feature. The splitting scatters give you more ways to win by creating more symbols.

You could get up to 8748 ways to win per spin, which means you'll win so many prizes that you won't know what to do with them while you play this slot!

Bonus Symbols Make this Game Interesting Indeed!

Most slots have one special feature that makes things interesting. For this game, it's the bonus symbols feature. Anytime you get a win that includes all the symbols on a single reel, the bonus symbol above it is activated.

There are just a few types of bonus symbols. Two or Three splitting scatters or wilds. The scatters split all the characters of a reel into two or three separate symbols. The wild transforms every symbol of the reel into wild symbols.

These bonus symbols often activate as you play, which means you will enjoy this special feature regularly as you play. Use it heavily, and you'll begin looking forward to this particular perk.

Unlimited Powerful Free Spins

The free spins bonus round in this game is one of the most impressive that we've ever encountered. That's because this round can continue going forever if it likes. Get three or more scatters to start things off, and you'll get an initial number of free spins and a multiplier value.

You can get more free spins by getting scatters as you play, and your multiplier can climb up to 21x or even higher for some of the most intense wins! You'll get an additional 5x multiplier for each scatters you find, and you'll get one extra free spin per scatter too.

Between the bonus symbols and the everlasting free spin bonus round, this game is an absolute pleasure to play. You'll fall in love with the features of this game the first time you play, and that's why we want everyone to try this slot at least once.