Reactoonz Slots

Reactoonz is a brightly colored alien-themed slot with different aliens of varying colors. The game is fun and beautifully designed, but is it worth playing? We won't know for sure until we fully review the slot. Find out what you get from this game in our focused review below.

Wager at a Comfortable Level

Every gambler can choose a bet amount they're comfortable with when playing this game. That's because wagers down to $0.20 are possible, and up to $200 are also allowed. With such a large range of options, it's easy to set the bet to a level that excites you.

Charge up the Meters for Random Prize Features

As you play this game, you'll collect wins to charge up the meters on the slot. As you do this, you'll build up your meter and unlock one of five random features whenever it's full. These powerful features help you win more frequent prizes.

The random prize features include low-value symbols morphing into high-value symbols, and the removal of low-value symbols, wilds, and multipliers. When you add these perks, you can expect all sorts of wins.

Just a Decent Maximum Win

The max win of this game is 4,570x your stake amount. That can be a lot of cash if you bet big, but it's less than what many other top slots give out as a jackpot prize. This is still enough to get excited over, though.

A Decent Value Game

With a payout percentage greater than 96%, you can count on the slot to offer you a decent value as you play. If that's important to you, then this game is worth playing.

< h2>Turn on AutoPlay if You Like

When you get tired of spinning, but you want to continue playing, you can activate autoplay and keep the reels turning with this slot. The feature makes it simpler and more comfortable to play for extended sessions.

Reactoonz is an online slot with powerful random prize features and not many other bonus rounds. If you want a game that's random and exciting during the base spins, this is it.