Emoji Planet Slots

They are here, there and everywhere! Those sweet little Emojis! In fact, its the planet of Emoji. Players can welcome them with open arms, and the 6-reels are there for all to wager on. There are 5 rows, and 3D Cluster Wins to spice up the gameplay and contribute to the winning combinations payouts. There are 20 pay lines of sorts, so the wagering options are wide and varied. The symbols that grace the game, are all Emojis, and they are the stars of the show. The mobile version is an alternative to PC gaming and it is a super streamlined and optimised affair. There is also a high payout on the form of 10,000 coins or 5,000x the bet. Since the Emojis where invented and first used in Japan in the 1990's, they have become ingrained in modern culture.

Symbols of Emoji Planet

Emoji Planet slots has loads of interesting emoji symbols that grace the reels. There is a total of eight symbols. They are the following; some slices of Pizza, the Alien, the Bomb, the Kiss, the Smiling Emoji, a Poo, a Rocket, the bright Star, and the Two Hearts. The bright Star happens to be the Wild symbol with its intrinsic powers. The Smiley Face pays out the most at 500x the bet for filling all the options with 30 coins. Yet the other game symbols pay out substantially as well.

Emoji Betting

Emoji Planet slots offers a fine selection of wagering options. The coin values are responsible for the variety of bets available. They start from a very low amount of $0.01 per coin, rising incrementally to a high of $1 per coin. It is permitted to wager with a maximum of 10 coins. That leads to a top betting limit of $200 per spin! The minimum bet is just $0.20 per spin, betting on all the options.

Emoji Bonuses & Special Features

The bonus Avalanche feature is a worthwhile inclusion as it incorporates five separate bonus rounds with different qualities. The feature offers winning opportunities due to the effect of the tumbling reels. Each of the five bonus rounds has its own onscreen meter which fills up as players move through the game. Once the symbols explode they are replaced with other new symbols that once again lead to new chances to win that elusive winning payout. The five bonus round all have different features. Once players fill all twelve spaces on the respective meters that represent each bonus round. The five meters are the Kiss Meter, The Rocket Meter, the Bomb Meter, the Pizza Meter, and the Two Hearts Meter. All bonuses pay out and function individually from one another, yet the payouts are lavish and the excitement level increases too.

Emoji Planet on Mobile

Emoji Planet has a really luxurious and impressive mobile version of the game. It performs extremely well on all modern mobile devices, whether the smaller screened smartphone, or the larger tablet screen. Both iOS and Android versions are compatible. All the pleasures of mobile gaming are at players' fingertips and the full beauty of the game can be enjoyed and appreciated. Emoji Planet can be downloaded to a mobile device or PC, yet can also be players in Instant Play mode, with no waiting time.

Emoji Planet Verdict

Emoji Planet slots delivers a fine gaming experience with an extremely high upper betting limit of $200 per spin. It is essentially a high volatility gambling game. High limits means even higher payouts and high tension! The game excites and thrills, and appeals to almost all kinds of slot fans. The symbols blend into the atmospheric and immersive theme, with symbols contributing to the overall theme beautifully. Emoji Planet is really fun to play and an amusing and entertaining slot game which can create great casino action and thrills. There are many good slots out there, but Emoji Planet is a real gem of a game. It manages to blend a sweet theme with high stakes and huge payouts. Not many slot games can claim the same! Emoji Planet deserves a chance. It provides a lovely gaming experience that is second to none, and superior to the majority.