Golden Goal Slots

Golden Goal is a basic three-reel slot game showcasing most of its features on the home screen. It's a basic game that you spin and try to get wins without too much extra to think about. This is a good option if you want a simple sports slot. Learn exactly what the game involves in our brief review below.

Modest Payouts

As with most classic slot games, this one has fair prize values that only go up to 1,600 coins. That means the most you can unlock on a single payline is 1,600 coins, which isn't a huge payout. You could get more than one win in a turn, but that's not likely. The game has a jackpot prize, though; you could uncover that for even larger wins.

A Large Progressive Jackpot

The most notable feature of this game is its progressive jackpot. The entire time you play, you'll watch the bold jackpot increase in value. This jackpot goes up and up, and you always have a chance of winning it as long as you're wagering all three coins as you play. We recommend you bet three coins to have a chance at this offer.

A Bad Value Game

Even though the slot is entertaining, you should know that the game doesn't offer good value to gamblers. With a payout rate of around 94%, the game gives less money as prizes than many similar slots offering 96% or more.

Meant for Mobile

While this game doesn't have many different features for you to think about when you play, it is made to work well on mobile devices. You can load the game on your phone or tablet, and it will play well, just as it does on a computer. That's a significant perk to playing this game online.

Golden Goal is a simple slot without many features. If you are a gambler who wants an easy game with a chance to win huge jackpots, this isn't a bad option. Test it yourself, and you could be a lucky winner.