Golden Osiris Slots

Look at a large collection of Ancient Egyptian symbols in different colors, styles, and graphics going up and down the screen in this unique slot game. The slot has a pretty tall configuration with loads of symbols on the screen simultaneously. It's easy to see how you could get many different wins in one spin while playing this game. Learn all about the powerful features you can utilize in this slot game in our review below.

Top Pay Value of 5,000 Coins

The paytable values are decent in this game and will reward you with as much as 5,000 coins for a single winning combination. That's pretty decent and gives you an amount to try for with each spin. This value can be won on multiple reels at the same time as well.

Wager $0.10 to $100.00

There are many different acceptable wager values when you start the game. You could bet a low of $0.10 and keep the game going with only a little money, or you could go up to $100.00 and blow thousands of dollars while trying to win the largest prizes from this slot game.

Win Up to 12,000x Your Wager

The best wins for this slot can add up to 12,000x your total stake. When you bet big on the slot, that's a lot of cash for you to unlock. Play the game with a large wager, and you could become wealthy from one lucky spin.

Win Up to 30x with the Pyramid

The best feature of this slot is a powerful pyramid bonus feature. Random symbols get highlighted with each spin, and winning on the highlighted selections uncovers wilds with potential multipliers. You can get wilds worth up to 10x and combine several for up to a 30x multiplier on any win you create.

The Golden Osiris slot offers intense multipliers and several bonus features for amplified fun. The majority of your wins will be small, but you'll get many wins at once when playing this game for lots of potential cash from the slot game.