Rise of Athena Slots

Rise of Athena Slots

Rise of Athena is a basic game themed after Greek mythology. The game has stunning graphics, beautiful background columns, and a bright sky with fluffy white clouds. The symbols of the game are designed to look nice too. Overall, we like the look of this game, but looks aren't everything. The slot only pays a maximum of 5,000 coins on a win, and that's just one of the letdowns that come from playing the game. Learn more about its ups and downs and see if this is the type of slot you want to spend time with.

Fixed Paylines and Limited Wagers

The betting is painfully simple in this slot, with its ten fixed paylines always active. The only thing that you must do is press the arrows to raise or lower your wager. If you do that, you get a small number of stake amounts to select from until you end up with a wager you like. You can bet as little as $0.25 and as much as $100, but you only get a few wager options between these extremes.

The Multiplying Wilds Multiply One Another

We regularly see wilds when playing this game, but they're special. Along with showing on most reels regularly, these wilds have between 1x and 3x multipliers on them at all times. The multipliers increase any prizes they help complete. The wild multipliers also stack, and you could easily get a 9x multiplier by creating an award using three different wilds. That's a pretty cool perk that is more complex than it first seems.

Wilds Become Sticky During Free Spins

The game has a free spins round you unlock by getting three or more owls. In the bonus, you get 12 free spins, and the wilds become sticky.

Wilds still have the same 1x to 3x multipliers, but they get stuck as their multiplier counts down. A 1x wild only remains one round. A 3x wild will stay for three turns.

Other than the powerful multiplier wilds and a standard free spins bonus round, this game doesn't offer much else. Sure, it's nice to look at, but who cares? If you aren't worried about appearances, you'll need to decide if the free spins and the multiplier wilds are enough for you. For us, they just might be. Try it in Demo mode for free first, and even enjoy this game on mobile if you like that sort of thing, but try this game before you spend too much cash on it.